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    Burnout is a sign that something needs to change...

    Leaders often live lives where they are continually pouring out their time and energy for the benefit of others. While this is rewarding, there can come a time when we run out of steam. Things that energized us no longer bring that same joy. We isolate, turn to other comforts, our bodies get run down, our relationships including our marriages suffer, we become anxious or depressed.

    Does this sound familiar? I’ve seen this time and time again. Burnout does not have to take you out of the game. There is hope and recovery for you.

    I love working with leaders in various fields to help them get their life, their vision, their energy back.

     Whether you feel like you’re in burnout, approaching burnout, or you just need help navigating the challenges of life, my approach to therapy can help you to feel refreshed, connected to God and others, and thriving in your calling.

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    Providing Quality Care for

    From Dr. Elijah Lee

    It can be lonely at the top. When you are busy leading others, you can easily ignore the fact that you deserve care as well. To reach out to your fellow pastors or co-workers who you lead may not be a risk that you’re willing to take right now.
    The ministry and care available through Hope Healing were designed with Christian leaders in mind. In my experience, I’ve encountered time and time again the cost that leaders pay for the call they’ve signed up for. Leaders need care too.
    I’d consider it an honor to partner with you to reignite the hope of your calling. To offer quality care for Christian leaders, my client load is limited purposefully. If you feel a prompting to work with me, I encourage you to take the first step and reach out today.