• Christian Counseling for Adults in Kansas & Missouri

    Discover and make peace with who you are, so you can enjoy a meaningful life.

    Does this sound familiar?

    You feel stressed by life’s circumstances and disconnected from those around you. This leaves you feeling:

    • anxious or depressed

    • frustrated in your relationships

    • confused as to your calling

    • unsure of your purpose

    • or maybe even burnt out

    • wondering if there’s more for you

    Maybe you feel alone and unsure of what’s keeping you “stuck”. You want to be a good spouse, a good parent, to feel hopeful and confident about the future but right now you can’t see the way out.

    You don’t have to stay stuck.

    Hi, I’m Dr. Elijah Lee, and I can help.

    I provide Christian counseling that is insight-oriented to help you uncover the unconscious barriers keeping you stuck.  Clients come to me looking for a counselor who is insightful and able to look beneath the surface while inviting God into the process. Sessions with me are a safe place to explore your identity, your relationships, and your challenges. Together, we find the path toward healing and abundant life.

    I hope you reach out today.

    Our Values

    We offer counseling that provides Clinical Excellence, Compassionate, Spirit-filled Care, and is Biblically Informed. 

    Clinical Excellence

    Clinical Excellence

    Spirit-Filled Compassionate Care

    Spirit-Filled Compassionate Care

    Biblically Informed

    Biblically Informed

    How We Work Together

    My goal is to offer a safe environment for exploration where we can work through your challenges together. I am committed to you and your goals and will strive to honor your unique story and circumstances as we spend time together. 

    The Hope

    My desire is that you find hope for healing even in the midst of your greatest challenges. 

    Together, we can find the path to healing and abundant life!

    You don't have to walk this path alone!

    Reach out today to schedule our first time together. There is no obligation to continue counseling after the first appointment if we determine we are not a good fit.