• Restore Connection with Yourself, God & Others

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    Attachment-Based Christian Counseling

    If you’ve ever experienced anxiety when you’re getting close to someone or have the sudden need to go away or push them away, this may be due to the way you relate to others, or your attachment style. Much of the time, this is not your fault, but the way in which relationships were modeled to you at an early age. Being able to feel safe and secure around people may give you the peace to overcome your challenges.

    The same principle applies to our relationship with God. Have you ever tried to have “quiet time “or Bible reading and felt really frustrated and you just gave up? This may not have to do with how “good you are” but more to do with your relationship with God. The fact that you come close to God can make you want to run away, or you may just be afraid of what He might say or think. My specialization lies in the area of helping a client move towards more secure attachment with others and God.