• Healing is Possible

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    From Chris Castanza, CEO, Castanza Insurance & Financial Services:

    I have known Dr. Lee for the past 10 years, and highly recommend his work knowing that many people I’ve referred to him have deep and meaningful results.

    Elijah stands out amongst other counselors, as he always focuses on the heart of the matter being a matter of the heart. He not only talks the talk, but walks the walk in his family and community life. 

    Dr. Lee is an expert on attachment theory and wounds and building healthy relationships. He carries the rare gift of being simultaneously academically brilliant while also being emotionally in tune with his client’s needs.

    Dr. Lee helps his clients navigate difficult terrain in a safe and loving environment that creates the optimal place for growth. 

    In my experience, Dr. Lee’s services are not only a valuable asset to your mental health but also a catalyst for the growth of the heart.

    From Rev. Michael Sullivant, Director of Relational Networks, Life Model Works (lifemodelworks.org):

    I consider Dr. Lee to be a friend and colleague in our common quest to help people to become whole, healthy and to thrive in life. We have spent many hours together in the past 2 years in prayerful dialogue that revolves around the integration of spiritual, relational, and emotional maturity. 

    Dr. Lee’s rich academic studies and his keen intuition are a dynamic duo that he brings into his skillful therapy modality. 

    From Dr. Brian Fidler, Executive Director & Counselor, Restoration Counseling Center:

    Dr. Lee is an extremely competent therapist with a compassionate approach to interacting with others. He is skilled in being able to understand the problems we face as people without judgment or pretense and has an ability to create a safe environment where a client can be seen and understood. 

    He is also a deep-hearted man of faith who is able to incorporate relationship to the Lord into everything he does, both personally and professionally. I would refer my closest friends and family to Dr. Lee, with complete trust in his ability to offer hope and help.